City of Heroes

Current CoH/CoV List


Updated 9/20/09



Name Primary Power Secondary Power Class Level
Battoujutsu Katana Regen Scrapper 50
Projection Aid Illusion Empathy Controller 50
Bot Na V2 Invul Energy Tanker 50
Bard Song Sonic Res Archery Defender 50
Little Reactor Rad Rad Defender 47
eX Terminator - - Peacebringer 34
Op Ware Electric Devices Blaster 30
Celestial Sword Broadsword Fire Scrapper 27
Bow Finger Trick Arrow Archery Defender 29
Entropic Dawn Plant Storm Controller 27
Energy Clown Energy Energy Blaster 26
Want to Believe - - Warshade 26
Blacknettle Spines Dark Armor Scrapper 25


Name Primary Power Secondary Power Class Level
Stack of Cards Psy Energy Dominator 50
Captain Rime Dark Cold Corruptor 30
Effete Widow - - Night Widow 29
Pat Down Mace Shield Brute 28
Papa Legba Zombie Dark Mastermind 28
Cagey Martial Arts Ninj Stalker 25
Doctor Unnatural Gravity Fire Dominator 25
Venturesome Duel Blades Super Reflexes Brute 24
Goldie Gloves Dark Will Power Stalker 24
Atomic Midnight Dark Rad Defender 28
Head Counsellor Empathy Psychic Defender 16
Energy Clown Energy Energy Blaster 14
Polar Gravity Gravity Force Field Controller 10
Chisai Dark Regen Scrapper 11
Matrix Spike Mind Control Kinetics Controller 10


Name Primary Power Secondary Power Class  Level
Pyrotech Fire Kin Corruptor 50
Operative Lurid - - Soldier VEAT 50
Mister Moneybags Merc Traps Mastermind 37
Cagey Martial Arts Ninjutsu Stalker 31
Fateweaver Limpwrist - - Widow VEAT 31
Bawdy Electric Electric Brute 31
Rock Valhalla Stone Stone Brute 31
Good Intentions Mind Psionic Dominator 31
Pinko Taxi Bot Ice Pain Corruptor 27
Robot Ninja Master Ninja Poison Mastermind 27
Ripper Fiend Claws Super Reflexes Stalker 25
HDTV Robots Force Field Mastermind 10


Name Primary Power Secondary Power Class  Level
Stir Fry Fire Fire Blaster 11
Nakita San Claws Regen Scrapper 11

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